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A Day in the Life of 3D Air Services

A Day in the Life of 3D Air Services LLC

“What does a typical day in the life of 3D Air Services look like?”  Well, that is a question that does not have a simple answer.  A typical day does not exist as you never know what you will encounter and how one of our technicians can help a family or business owner with their HVAC needs.  One day we may bring a 35 year old system back to life like this one.

Or we may perform a maintenance on a newer system to keep it operating at peak efficiency, so the equipment last longer and lower energy consumption costs.

We captured one day in the life of 3D Air Services LLC, and we hope you can grab a small glimpse of how we serve our customers each day, whatever the need.

3D Air Services LLC is a Bryant Heating and Cooling dealer. In 2016, 3D Air Services received the Top Gun Award as the dealer of the year from our Bryant rep.   We work on all equipment including: Carrier, Goodman, Trane, Lennox, American Standard, and more.

Early Bird Refund Special Equipment


The boss said let the equipment go for the Spring, so we have to let it go. So the Early Bird Refund Special is in effect to offer some serious discount on a new air conditioning system for your home.

Now is the time to take advantage of some huge savings with 50% OFF equipment during the month of March.

Plus, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home’s HVAC unit with a 15 SEER Bryant Preferred Series complete system installed.

This applies to any type of system: Heat Pump, Dual-Fuel or Conventional.

The install must be scheduled by March 31, 2017, but the system can be installed after March 31.

Hassle-Free Monthly Payment options with No Credit Required through Microf!


CALL 205-664-3501


Early Bird Refund Special Service Agreement

Early Bird Refund Special on Service Agreement

Tax season is just around the corner, so the early bird gets the worm or discount.  Spring is the optimal time to have your home’s HVAC unit cleaned, inspected and tuned-up before the Summer hot days arrive.  Take advantage of this opportunity to receive a Service Agreement at 50% OFF.

There are 3 options to choose from in Service Agreement Plans:

  • Good
  • Better
  • Best

All 3 options are 50% OFF if you sign up during March or April 2017.

Good Plan offers the following:

  • 2 Cleanings a Year (Spring and Fall)
  • 15% OFF repairs
  • 1 FREE Service Call a year
  • 1 Free filter with each cleaning visit
  • $63 Spring Special (Regularly $133 a year)

Better Plan Offers the following:

  • 2 Yearly cleanings of the Entire Cooling and Heating System
  • Same Day Priority Response time with no service fee
  • 25% OFF Labor cost on equipment not still under manufacturer’s warranty
  • 12 Free Filters a year
  • $141.50 Spring Special (Regularly $283 a year)

Best Plan Offers the following:

  • 2 Yearly Cleanings of the entire Cooling and Heating System
  • 4 Hour Priority (VIP) Response Time with no Service Fee
  • FREE Labor Cost to replace equipment still under manufacturer’s warranty
  • 35% OFF labor cost on equipment no under manufacturer’s warranty
  • 2nd Unit Annual Plan receive a FREE Programmable Thermostat for yourself or a family member including installation
  • 12 FREE Filters a year
  • $191.50 Spring Special (Regularly $383 a year)

This offer is good for new customers, or you can renew at this rate and save.




Free Furnace Special


Free Furnace when you buy a Bryant Legacy Level Air Conditioning system, have it installed by February 28, 2017, and get a matching furnace “FREE”.

All you pay is our regular installation charge!

Up To $1,350.00 Value.

Looking to pay over time? Special financing with approved credit.

Book Your Free Furnace Now by calling 205-664-3501


How to maintain a heat pump

Homeowners who have heat pumps systems in their homes know the many benefits they provide. While it is economical to use a heat pumps split system, they still need to be maintained like a traditional gas furnace.

By implementing just two simple habits, you can deliver the type of care necessary for your heat pumps to work efficiently while extending its lifespan.

Heat Pumps Maintenance
Heat pumps maintenance is an important part of caring for your heating system. Heat pumps maintenance should be done twice a year, in between major seasons.

Maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs and permanent damages. Since the heat pumps system works around the clock, it is exceptionally important that specialized care is provided.

During the maintenance call, your heat pumps contractor:

Removes buildup and obstruction inside the heat pumps split system
Tests safety switches, gauges and meters
Resets pressure settings on refrigerant coils
Tests motors and belts
Measures airflow
Changes the air filter
Maintenance also gives your heat pumps contractor the opportunity to speak to you about how the system has changed. Because the system changes as it ages, homeowners should also adjust their usage pattern accordingly.

Clean Out the Heat Pumps’ Outdoor Unit

The heat pumps system relies on outdoor air to adequately heat and cool the home. So, it is important that the heat pumps unit is located in the right place. When it was first installed, your heat pumps contractor most likely chose the best location. However, with time, outdoor settings change.

Homeowners might find that their heat pumps unit has been covered with broken branches, is near a trash bin or around other organic waste. This may hurt the efficiency of your heat pumps system since it has to work doubly hard to filter through the mess. It might also create resistance in airflow, slowing down the air conditioning process.

For these reasons, homeowners are encouraged to closely monitor their heat pumps’ outdoor unit. Position the heat pumps off the ground and away from any plants, trash, dirt or even snow. Clearing the area around the heat pumps also prevents damages.

Keep drains and pipes free of buildup. As efficient as the heat pumps system is, any type of blockage could easily reduce efficiency up to 25 percent.

If you are unsure how to handle your heat pumps and care for the system from home, contact your HVAC contractor. He or she can provide additional help to make your heat pumps last.

Care for Your Heat Pumps with 3D Air Services
Our experts lead in heating and air conditioning installations, repairs, maintenance and air quality services.

3D Air Services  heat pumps contractors guarantee genuine customer service and top technical care. We aim for your total satisfaction.

Schedule a maintenance call. Contact one of our friendly representatives. You can also book an appointment online at your convenience.


3D Air proudly serves Birmingham, Hoover, Pelham, Alabaster, Jemison and everywhere in between.


Why you’re furnace needs mainteance.

[Read more…]

Improve Air Quality and Safety

Improve Air Quality and Your Family’s Safety

What do you do with all those half used paint cans, cans of ant and roach killer, household cleaners and gas cans?  Many families face these challenges every day, and they are just not sure where to place them.  There is just not enough room typically around the house to store all these items in a safe and hard to reach place.  We have to think of how to prevent little hands from reaching them and accidentally using them or worse swallowing them.  So many families use the air handler closet because it has a door and a high place hard to reach.  Another place is if your air handler is in the basement, and it has an elevated flat top that makes it difficult to reach.

Well, these are great ideas for the hard to reach and out of sight, but it is presenting a major challenge for your air handler. Plus, it is putting your family’s health and safety at risk.

Corrosion: The internal parts of your air handler is prone to corrosion over time if not well maintained.  Corrosion is a natural process on metal parts, but the introduction to harsh chemicals paint-near-air-handlerwill speed this process up exponentially and unnecessarily.  Many household chemicals like ant/roach killers, cleaning solvents, and especially gas will eat away at the coatings of the coil and cause it to prematurely breakdown.  These chemicals off gas when you use them, and the residue on the outside of the can will penetrate your air handler causing corrosion.

Fire Hazard: Many chemicals are at high risk for combustion.  Gas, obviously, is a high risk, and we find people sitting their gas cans nearby their units often.  The risk increases with a Gas Furnace that has open flames to heat the unit.  Other chemicals such as pesticides, paint thinners, acetone, and harsh cleaners are combustion hazards as well.

Spills: Lechemicals-near-air-handleraving a half used gallon of paint is a concern for a spill hazard.  If the lid is not put on completely, and those things are hard to ensure they are sealed completely, it could easily be bumped and turned over.  All it will take is someone walking through bumping a can of paint, cleaner or other solvent to drop down and spill into the unit or ductwork.  This could be a very costly repair that is preventable.  The unit could be destroyed once paint would enter the unit because you could not remove all the paint in those cracks and hard to reach corners.  Other chemicals could destroy the unit as well.  Not to mention the odors created from a spill entering the duct work.

Improve Air Quality: These chemicals are introduced into the duct work and moved throughout your home where your family breathes them.  The particles are very minute by the time they reach your nose, but over time, they will add up.  It could be creating allergic reactions, runny noses, sneezing, itchy eyes, headaches, or coughing.  Your family may not rest well at night, and you cannot figure out why.  You cannot smell the particles or chemicals, but they are present in your air quality.

All it takes is a quick survey and inspection to your air handler unit to ensure there are no chemicals, paints, or other solvents sitting nearby or on them.  It is good reminder to help protect your family’s safety and improve air quality in your home.  Make it a routine plan when you change your air filter to survey the air handler closet and space around it to ensure there are no chemicals nearby.

It is recommended that your unit undergo 2 inspections and cleanings a year typically during the Spring and Fall to ensure the integrity of the systems.  These inspections can identify any visible problems and help prevent corrosion through the cleaning.  The goal is to protect your investment and to ensure a long life of your equipment for the comfort of your family.

Give 3D Air Services LLC  a call, so we can inspect your HVAC units to help protect your family, and we can do an Indoor Air Quality test for your family.


How to sleep like a baby

Good news for those who always toss and turn at night: your thermostat is the key to a good night’s sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation a cool room, around 65 degrees, makes for the best sleep..

Here’s why.

Why you sleep best in a cool room

Your body’s core temperature naturally decreases and increases as part of its normal sleep-wake rhythm, according to a study by BioMed Central.

“Sleep is most likely to occur when (core body temperature) decreases, while it hardly occurs during the increasing phases,” the study says.

So, lowering the core body temperature gets you closer to “sleep mode.”

And lowering your room’s air temperature is one way to do that.

Basically, think of your bedroom like a cave: It should be cool, quiet and dark.

4 simple ways to help you sleep cooler

Here are a few ways to help lower your core body temperature so that you can sleep soundly.

Set a programmable thermostat. Program a programmable thermostat to lower to around 65 every night so you never have to worry about it. If you’re uncomfortable at 65 degrees, feel free to move it up to 68 or 70.

Turn on your ceiling fan. The air circulation from the fan will help evaporate sweat off your skin, taking heat away from your body (that’s called evaporative cooling).

Drink ice-cold water. Drinking a few sips of ice-cold water at night will cool your core temperature, leaving you more comfortable.

Shower before you go to bed. While the shower will initially heat you up, you’ll experience rapid evaporative cooling when you get out, lowering your core body temperature as a result.

For info on programmable thermostats  call 3D Air Services at 664-3501 or email us

  1. 3D Air Services proudly serves Birmingham, Hoover, Pelham, Alabaster, Helena, Calera and everywhere in between.

Why my filter gets so dirty?

As a homeowner, you probably already know that replacing your AC air filter is a recurring job.

The simple rule is to replace them as soon as they get dirty.

But how do you know when you’re replacing them too frequently (and wasting money on replacement filters)?

The answer really depends on the kind of filter you’re using.

How often you should replace your air filter

In general, the higher an air filter’s MERV rating, the more frequently you’ll need to replace it. So consider your filter’s rating if you think you’re replacing your filter too often.

Every filter has a MERV rating that refers to how many air contaminants it can catch. The higher the number (between 1 and 20), the fewer contaminants can pass through it.

Need a quick lesson on MERV ratings?

Now let’s take a look at the kinds of air filters available:


These filters are typically 1” thick and made from spun fiberglass. Fiberglass filters typically need to be replaced about once a month.


These filters are made from polyester or paper material. Pleated filters come in a variety of widths (typically from 1 to 6 inches thick).

In general, pleated filters should need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months.


These filters technically never need to be replaced because they are washable. Air contaminants are trapped between positively and negatively charged materials.

You can expect to vacuum or wash your electrostatic filter at least once a month.


HEPA filters are used in most home air purifying systems. They capture the most air contaminants and should be replaced every 12-18 months.

Why you’re replacing your filter more often

There are a number of reasons your filters get clogged and dirty more frequently than they should. Let’s take a look at some of them.

You’re leaving your thermostat fan set to ON

There are 2 options when it comes to your AC fan: AUTO and ON.

When you set your fan to ON, it runs 24/7. And when the air in your home circulates through your filter and AC system non-stop, it’s going to pick up dirt and air contaminants at a much faster rate.

What to do: Choose the fan setting that fits your situation and priorities.

If you have allergy and asthma sufferers in your home and you use a HEPA filter, use the ON setting while you’re home to remove more airborne contaminants and improve your air quality.

If air quality is less of a priority for you and your family, use the AUTO setting. This setting uses less energy, prevents indoor humidity and means you’ll need to change your filter less frequently.

You have many guests and/or pets

More people walking into your home increases the amount of dirt and contaminants in your home. Furry pets also introduce hair, dirt, and pet dander.

And the more contaminants floating around in your home, the faster your filter gets dirty.

What to do: Consider investing in a whole home air filtration system. These advanced filtration systems pick up the contaminants left behind by guests and pets but also have a long service life.

You have leaky air ducts

Leaks in your air ducts introduce dust and dirt from areas like your attic. The more dirt a leaky duct system brings into your home, the more dirt your air filter accumulates.

What to do: Have your ductwork inspected by a professional.

They’ll be able to either repair or replace your duct system to ensure your ducts are leak free, keeping your utility bills lower and preventing you from replacing your filter frequently.

Note: If you have leaky ducts, the unfortunate truth is that you are wasting money every month. According to ENERGYSTAR, the average home loses 20-30% of conditioned air through duct leaks.

3D Air Services proudly serves Birmingham, Hoover, Pelham, Alabaster, Helena, Calera and everywhere in between.

For more information you can reach us at 205-664-3501


How to avoid scams with HVAC Repairs


Talking about scams and dishonest business isn’t really a fun topic; and the fact that these kinds of things exist at all is pretty disheartening. But the truth of the matter is that it does happen. And you need to know how to spot Birmingham HVAC scammers!

At 3D Air Services there is absolutely nothing we take more seriously than protecting our patrons. When you need Birmingham HVAC services, you need a reliable and effective solution. Part of finding this is knowing exactly what to look for, and what to avoid.


The summer season unfortunately brings a lot of unsavory characters out of the woodwork. Be wary of any of the following situations:

Unsolicited visits. Professionals do not run around town looking for HVAC problems. When you need our help, you know who to call! If a stranger shows up at your door citing some oddball and sudden HVAC “emergency” that requires immediate attention, don’t be fooled. On the off chance that you’re just dealing with a good samaritan, go ahead and schedule a visit from HVAC professionals. But some off-the-street handyman that wants to come into your home should never be trusted.
“Cash up front” services. If your chosen HVAC technician wants full payment up front, you probably want to drop them. This is a common scam, and most of the time, you’ll never see this person (or your money) ever again. And be doubly wary of cash only services. We live in a modern world, and folks that only accept cash for contracted work probably aren’t pros.
Unprofessional behavior. Your HVAC expert doesn’t need to show up in a suit and tie speaking oxford english or anything, sure. But if you call in for service and the person that shows up is rude, uncouth, or given to withholding information, don’t work with them! Scammers aren’t often all that friendly, and if they are, it usually feels decidedly fake.


Most of the time, a professional HVAC contractor is pretty easy to spot. When you’re looking for a trustworthy and dependable service, be sure they have:

Credentials. Licensing and insurance are clear hallmarks of a real, professional business. If you’re planning on getting some Birmingham HVAC service, make sure your chosen service experts are actually experts!
Marks and branding. When a 3D Air service vehicle rolls up, you know it’s us. It’s the same for most proper businesses. Uniforms, verifiable business cards, branded vehicles; all of these things are signs that you’re dealing with a real business and not a fly-by-night scammer.
Good reviews. It’s the technological age, and computers are a common part of most United States homes. Use this to your advantage! Seek out testimonials and reviews from actual customers online (they’re pretty easy to find) to see whether or not previous experiences with the company have been positive.

3D Air Services Proud History and Reputation

3D Air Services is mid-sized, locally owned company with a combined 115 years experience in our leadership staff. We strive to be the leader in the delivery of quality, efficiency, and service to our customers in the heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality systems.  3D Air Services proudly serves Birmingham, Hoover, Pelham, Alabaster, Helena, Calera and everywhere in between. You can leave us a review on our Google Review Page or Facebook Page.