The best way to keep your AC system in peak working condition is to book AC maintenance in Alabaster, AL, at least once a year. Older systems may require more attention and care, especially if you have neglected them in the past. The service will include a thorough inspection of the unit to determine whether there are any signs of damage, a realignment of all parts and a detailed cleaning of all surfaces and crevices. Every time that you turn the AC on, the components inside shift and vibrate. Eventually, the alignment will not be as perfect as before and other issues will start to pop up.

If you have a lot of flexibility on when to get air conditioner maintenance, book it during mid-to-late spring. It’s always best to avoid an AC tune-up in the summer because you might not have enough time to fix all of the issues before the hot weather arrives. You’ll feel rushed and you might need to spend a couple of days without any AC at all.