Much like with everything in your home, it’s important to get AC repair in Homewood, AL as soon as you notice that something is wrong. If you wait too long, the problem has a chance to spread and worsen. For example, leaky refrigerant can limit your AC’s ability to efficiently cool down your home; however, if you notice that there’s a problem but fail to act, the refrigerant can leak into other areas of the unit and cause irreparable damage. It can also expose you and your household members to this toxin.

Knowing when to call for help is crucial. You should reach out to us for AC service if you notice that your unit is making odd sounds during operation, is emitting strange odors through the vents, is not as efficient as before and is turning on and off for no reason. We’ll send someone out to perform an inspection and provide you with the air conditioner repair in Homewood that you need if there is a problem. The sooner that you call us, the less expensive the repairs will likely be.