Heating & Air Questions

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Air conditioning units that are well maintained should be replaced every 10-15 years. As your AC system ages it becomes less efficient which costs you more in utility bills. If you have seen a rise in your costs or are unsure if your unit should be replaced call a licensed professional for a free system replacement estimate.

AC maintenance ensures your system operates at maximum efficiency as well as allows a technician to diagnose minor problems before they become major. We recommend semi-annual AC maintenance to not only help your unit operate efficiently but also to guarantee your comfort.

Strange noises such as buzzing or thumping in your air conditioner are a sign of a problem. Depending on the noise coming from your system it could be an electrical issue. Never try to fix or diagnose your AC system on your own. Trust a licensed professional to service your unit. Electrical issues can be dangerous so it is recommended you call an AC company.

Depending on the age of your unit replacing it may actually be cheaper in the long run than repairing it. A licensed technician can look over your unit and recommend the best course of action. At 3D Air Service we offer free system replacement estimates and are proud to be a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer.

The cost to repair your AC system will need to be determined by a service technician. Most AC companies charge a service call fee to diagnose the problem with your unit as well as a repair charge. If your unit is not cooling or making strange noises call right away before a small problem turns into a large one.