Heat Pump Maintenance

Homeowners who have a heat pump system in their homes know the many benefits they provide. While it is economical to use a heat pump split system, they still need to be maintained like a traditional gas furnace.

By implementing just two simple habits, you can deliver the type of care necessary for your heat pumps to work efficiently while extending their lifespan.

Heat Pumps Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance is an important part of caring for your heating system. Heat pump maintenance should be done twice a year, in between major seasons.

Maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs and permanent damages. Since the heat pump system works around the clock, it is exceptionally important that specialized care is provided.

During the maintenance call, your heat pumps contractor:

  • Removes buildup and obstruction inside the heat pumps split system
  • Tests safety switches, gauges, and meters/li>
  • Resets pressure settings on refrigerant coils/li>
  • Tests motors and belts/li>
  • Measures airflow/li>
  • Changes the air filter/li>

Maintenance also gives your heat pump contractor the opportunity to speak to you about how the system has changed. Because the system changes as it ages, homeowners should also adjust their usage patterns accordingly.

Clean Out the Heat Pumps’ Outdoor Unit

The heat pump system relies on outdoor air to adequately heat and cool the home. So, it is important that the heat pump unit is located in the right place. When it was first installed, your heat pump contractor most likely chose the best location. However, with time, outdoor settings change.

Homeowners might find that their heat pump unit has been covered with broken branches, is near a trash bin, or around other organic waste. This may hurt the efficiency of your heat pump system since it has to work doubly hard to filter through the mess. It might also create resistance in airflow, slowing down the air conditioning process.

For these reasons, homeowners are encouraged to closely monitor their heat pumps’ outdoor units. Position the heat pumps off the ground and away from any plants, trash, dirt, or even snow. Clearing the area around the heat pumps also prevents damages.

Keep drains and pipes free of buildup. As efficient as the heat pump system is, any type of blockage could easily reduce efficiency up to 25 percent.

If you are unsure how to handle your heat pumps and care for the system from home, contact your HVAC contractor. He or she can provide additional help to make your heat pumps last.

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