Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

As a homeowner, entering into a maintenance agreement is one of the best things you can do for your HVAC. 3D Air Services, LLC, one of Birmingham, Alabaster, & surrounding areas’ best HVAC service providers, recommends having your system serviced before winter and summer. The benefits of an HVAC maintenance agreement far outweigh the costs.

Maintenance agreements will save you money on the inspections themselves, and they often include discounts on repairs and future services.

Although 3D Air Services, LLC offers multiple levels of maintenance agreements, they all carry with them these 5 benefits:

  1. Important reminders. Our busiest times of year are right before winter and right before summer. It can become very difficult to book a maintenance appointment with one of our technicians. We are often fully booked. When you sign a maintenance agreement with us, we’ll make sure we remind you to schedule an appointment in advance. This way, you can get on our calendar before it fills up.
  2. Priority client. All maintenance agreement clients receive priority services over our clients who haven’t signed an agreement. This means you’ll be at the front of the line if your unit ever breaks down or needs repairs.
  3. Maintenance documentation. When you sign a maintenance agreement with 3D Air Services, LLC, we’ll keep copies of all your HVAC documentation. This can come in handy if you ever need to access warranty services or if you sell your home.
  4. Extended HVAC lifespan. By adhering to a maintenance agreement schedules, you can effectively increase the lifespan of your system by up to 50%.
  5. Discounts. Although it costs money to enter into a maintenance agreement, you’ll make some of that money back through discounts. Some discounts include a % discount off parts and future services.

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