When your furnace goes out or your home constantly feels cold, you just know there’s a problem that’s going to need repairing. Your stress level starts climbing as the online search begins for what may be going wrong, and what it’ll take to get it running again. Take a breath and consider why hiring a professional technician for this repair is critical for your home and family.


The risk of running a furnace is often overlooked because they are common among homes and businesses. However, keep in mind that furnaces use combustible fuel to generate heat, which comes with an inherent risk should that fuel leak. A properly installed, maintained, and repaired furnace minimizes those risks, providing a safe environment for everyone.

When you hire a professional HVAC technician for your repairs, you know that safety is their top priority. This means they won’t cut corners or try the latest hacks posted online to try to save a few bucks. Rather, they follow the proper process to get your unit back up and running, ensuring they are completing the necessary safety checks along the way.

In addition to operational safety, just working on your furnace can pose a hazard to those who aren’t properly trained. Hiring a professional ensures that you don’t risk significant electrical shock, electrocution, or accidental burns while completing the repair.


We’ve all heard stories about the neighbor who hired a friend or the handyman they found online to fix their furnace. They show up, work for what seems like hours, and leave with some heat starting to flow. However, within days the furnace is out again, and they have to call for another repair.

This scenario is often the result of improper diagnosis or improper repairs. Making sure your home stays warm starts with identifying the right problem the first time and implementing the appropriate repair. This process saves you time, frustration, and a potentially dangerous home without heat.

Older units are prone to components failing more often. However, experienced technicians can easily see problems that may rear their heads while they’re working on the current problem. While they aren’t there to run a full diagnostic of your system, this kind of expertise can act as an early warning system, with your technician raising issues you may need to address to prevent another failure. Even if you choose not to complete the repairs during the visit, you won’t be surprised the next time your furnace starts acting up.


There’s nothing worse than getting into a project and realizing you don’t have the right tool to complete the job. You have to stop and run to get what you need, interrupting any amount of mental flow you may have had. Add to this, it commonly happens several times during a repair. This can turn a simple repair into an all-day, or more likely all-night, testing of your patience.

Professional technicians come with all the equipment they might need to get your furnace back up and running. There is no need to run out to get anything, wasting the only asset you can never get back, your time.

Professional technicians also come with the expertise required to obtain a license in Alabama. This means they aren’t guessing what’s going wrong with your furnace. Rather, they can easily identify the root cause. Having identified this, they’ll know the best way to fix it on the first try to ensure it stays running.


One of the greatest challenges to furnace repairs is the downtime it causes. Unfortunately, it’s during the coldest weather, when you depend on them the most, that furnaces tend to break down. Getting your furnace back up and running quickly is as much about the safety of your home and family as it is about your comfort.

When you try to solve the issue yourself, there is often wasted time while you are endeavoring to even identify the root problem. Then there’s the search to learn how to resolve the issue and the hunt to find whatever part you need — if you can even find it locally.

When you hire a professional technician, you know they’ll have your unit back up and running quickly. They’ll arrive fully equipped and ready to solve the issue, avoiding any wasted time running for parts or tools.


When you install a new furnace, you look forward to the assurance the manufacturer’s warranty brings should something fail prematurely. However, if you are like most homeowners, you have probably missed the fine print terms to keep that warranty valid.

One term universally present in these warranties is that only professionally licensed technicians can work on your furnace. Trying to open the furnace and do any work on your own voids that warranty, leaving you with potentially large repairs that might have otherwise been covered.

Why do manufacturers include what appear to be nuanced terms like this in their warranties? Put yourself in their shoes, and the answer makes a lot of sense. They want to ensure you get a quality product that’s going to last. However, they also know that work performed by untrained individuals is more likely to cause additional damage, resulting in even more repairs. To ensure that they aren’t covering repairs from negligent work, they simply require licensed professionals to conduct all work during the warranty period, including installation, repairs, and even maintenance.


No matter who works on your furnace, they are only human, and mistakes certainly can happen. However, the question becomes who’s responsible when something doesn’t go according to plan?

When you try to work on your own furnace, you are left holding the bag if something else breaks while you’re conducting a repair. We’ve all experienced it when your hand slips and bumps something you didn’t intend, damaging it. Further, if the new part fails after installing it, many parts carry the same stipulations as the furnace itself. Trying to install it yourself very likely voids any kind of warranty the part manufacturer offers.

Hiring a professional technician just makes sense to guarantee your expenses don’t balloon. A professional technician guarantees your parts warranties remain valid. Additionally, if they inadvertently break something while working on your furnace, they’ll fix this for no additional cost. Keep in mind that this is only additional damage caused by their negligence, not because something else had already broken or corroded.

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