The Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

One of the best things homeowners can do for their HVAC system is to adhere to a maintenance schedule. Routine HVAC maintenance has a number of benefits and it can help ensure your system remains reliable and runs efficiently. We generally recommend scheduling your appointment in the Spring or Autumn. This way you can make sure your system is in good working order when summer and winter arrive.

Still not quite sure how routine HVAC is worth the investment? 3D Air Services, LLC has come up with a list of the 7 biggest benefits of HVAC maintenance.

7 Benefits of Routine HVAC Maintenance

Save Energy. Heating and cooling systems that aren’t properly maintained usually work much harder to heat/cool your home. During your maintenance appointment, we will perform a number of tasks that will improve your system’s energy efficiency.

These tasks include:

  • Testing your system’s airflow
  • Visually examining your ductwork
  • Lubricating your system’s moving parts
  • Tightening any loose connections
  • Cleaning/changing your air filter
  • Testing your system controls
  • Testing your thermostat’s calibration

By completing all of these tasks, we can increase your home’s energy efficiency. This, in turn, will reduce your energy usage which will positively impact your utility bills.

Improve Indoor Air Quality. As air moves through your ductwork, it can pick up loose particles, dirt, and allergens that your filter doesn’t catch. These contaminants can enter your home, which can cause a whole host of issues. The most common indoor air contaminants include:

  • Dust
  • li>Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Pet dander
  • Mold & Mildew

By having your HVAC system serviced, you can make sure your system properly filters the air in your home.

Increase Your Comfort. Leaky ducts, reduced airflow, and an otherwise malfunctioning HVAC system can severely impact your comfort. Your heating and cooling system will struggle to keep your home at the desired temperature and humidity. When you have your system serviced, we can ensure none of these issues impact you and your family’s comfort.

Extend Your Equipment’s Lifespan. When your HVAC system is properly serviced and lubricated, it’ll undergo less wear and tear as it ages. Parts will move freely and air can easily pass through it. Keeping your system maintained will increase its overall lifespan.

Improved HVAC Safety. Clean, properly maintained HVAC systems are safer to operate. And, depending on the type of system you have, there may be a greater risk associated with ignoring routine cleanings. You may face electrical issues, CO2 leaks, or other HVAC-related problems. By having your system routinely serviced, you can make sure your system is safe to operate.

Lower Repairs Costs. One of the best parts of routine HVAC maintenance is that the tech can often identify issues while they’re still small. This means it’ll cost much less to repair it than if you waited until you had a full-system outage.

Peace of Mind. Making sure your heating and air system is in tip-top shape before summer and winter will help you rest easy. You won’t have to worry about a major-costly breakdown at the worst possible time.

Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance With 3D Air Services, LLC

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